Peter, Now and Then

                Peter James Hicks was born on Christmas Day, 1959. He began composing when he was 17 and majored in vocal music at Hartt College at the University of Hartford. Having been saved at an early age and raised on the truths of the Word of God, his focus has always been on writing God honoring, Bible-based songs. He often attempts to “cram” as much pure scripture into his lyrics as possible.

                Up until 2006, Peter’s ministry was limited to his own church, Bible Baptist Church in West Springfield, MA, where he remains assistant Pastor and Music Director. The summer of that year, Peter and his wife, Laura, began touring other churches in the New England area. His songs have been well received. Many find his style refreshing…a unique from of traditional music combined with a lively, dramatic element. Several have noted that his concerts are reminiscent of musical theater.

                Peter’s dream is to have as many folks as possible receive a blessing from his music. The purpose of this website is to share these original Christian songs. As Peter continues to write and perform, he will add to this website and look forward to your feedback. 

Peter & Laura

Peter met Laura Adzima in 1979 performing in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (he was Linus, she was Snoopy). They married in 1983, and later began raising their five children, who Laura continues to home school.
Laura's rich and powerful alto voice is featured in several of Peter's songs, including duets and solos.
Intelligent, compassionate, spiritual, strong, and beautiful, Laura is the quintessential  Proverbs 31 woman. Peter considers her the greatest blessing in his life.

Thank You's
Many of the instrumentals were arranged and performed by Ed Dion. Peter met Ed in high school, and they began a friendship that has lasted since. Ed is a faithful servant of God and has been blessed with an unusual amount of creativity and musical skill. Thank you, Ed, for your invaluable assistance!

The "Holy" and "A Great Revival" CD's were recorded at Shoestring Studios in Belchertown, MA, by Rusty Annis. Rusty's easygoing way and good humor made the recording process enjoyable and he also added a fabulous guitar a lick on the track "Wings As Eagles". Thanks Rusty!

The orchestration keyboard, as well as recording and production costs, were donated by Don and Donna Backstrom. It was they who encouraged Peter and Laura to share their music ministry with other churches. Donna went to be with the Lord in 2007, but her example of Christian love and support can never be forgotten. Thank you for everything, Don and Donna!

Special thanks to Pastor Job Hicks and Bible Baptist church for decades of encouragement, support, and friendship. Peter and Laura have been blessed with a true church family, and a Pastor who teaches persistence, perspective, and uncommon Christian joy.

There is no place like home.
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